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The story explores the life of Madeleine Pelletier, a girl of blossoming womanhood yet desperately yearning for love and a family. She marries forty-year-old widower, Richard Leighton, owner of Leighton Trading Ltd. The company’s shipping post is on the island of Terra Feliz, off the coast of North America. Too late, she finds Richard’s two daughters and his housekeeper are resentful of the marriage.

On the island, Madeleine falls in love with Captain John Neuton, an English gentleman who has exiled himself on Terra Feliz because of a family matter. They do not declare their love at the time because of her marriage.

Captain Barton Rogers, a brash, cruel, and ambitious man, is stealing cargo and selling it for his own purse. He becomes enamored with Madeleine.

Hatred smolders in the breast of minister, Ben Hull, who resents Leighton’s people, the taverns, drinking, and fornication on the island. He and his Followers believe in trial by ordeal.

Self-centered Nancy Bascom is the catalyst for the trouble Madeleine finds on the island.